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Market Research Can Go Deeper

Commerce in general and the field of market research in particular has been commonly associated with crass motivation and conceptual superficiality. Yet, beneath this glib surface, commerce is an expression of the most profound and important elements of human existence. Market research can be the practiced as the most honest means of exploring this deeper aspect of contemporary culture. Current Depths is dedicated to the pursuit of this higher calling in market research.

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A Myth Of Our Own Time

In our time, people are in the habit of thinking of mythology as something that only comes from the distant past, from a Golden Age, a Classical Era.

Business Miracles

Generations upon generations of human beings have labored to achieve the insights inherent in the objects that we now regard as too cheap, or too profane, to merit our notice.

Useful Data

No matter how immense our collections of statistics about consumer behavior may become, Big Data won't be able to guide us in the creation of enduring consumer experiences unless we have a rich qualitative understanding of the cultural and psychological contexts in which these statistics operate.


“Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” What Henry David Thoreau said of fishermen is equally true of us all.


At Home, At Work, And In Between

In the recent debate over the decision by CEO Marissa Mayer to revoke permission for Yahoo employees to work at home, there has been much discussion about whether people are […]

Walking The Distance

In his memoir of walking the Camino De Santiago across northern Spain, Wayne Chimenti focuses on the importance of the slow, dedicated pace of pilgrimage, as a contrast to the […]


Ritual Marketing...